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Yes, although that may be something you’ll have to ask about before you sign up for a training plan.

What about post-intervention recovery?

Most programs also include some form of post-intervention recovery like running, swimming, and some strength and cardio conditioning.

This could include weight lifting, stretching, a few different types of flexibility work, or other things as well.

In general, I would recommend not doing anything that will limit you in the post-intervention recovery phase.


All of this really is very general, I promise. There are plenty of different combinations of programs that work for everyone!

We’re just trying to create the best program that we think will work best for you. That doesn’t mean we want to give everyone exactly what they’re looking for. It just means that by combining them with the best programs on the market, we’ll come up with programs that work for everyone and allow you to work very intensely at different times of the year. That’s a great way to keep fit and get into a better shape.

In the end, if you take a quick look through all the programs that are out there, you’ll see that everyone of them has some type of “ideal” or “best” program. In reality, it’s very hard to beat one of these programs because we put hundreds of hours of practice into every one of our programs. Just about every program is better than the competition. That’s because they’re all developed and tested by athletes who’ve made the most sacrifices possible before they started lifting.

It also takes a ton of practice to make a program work for you. That’s why we developed and tested several of our programs with the utmost attention to detail. With all of the different factors that come into play, a better program takes practice to become the “best” one. If you’re not quite willing to go that far to make it your best program, that’s ok…we’ll help you through the planning for you.

A word of advice for getting the best results in a low-volume training plan: make sure to increase intensity throughout the day in addition to increasing volume every time a training session ends. It’s pretty simple, actually. If you get enough rest after your training sessions, your body won’t feel taxed much again.

If you’re more into volume, it’s actually a big help to have a high amount of volume. But I’m not

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