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Why don’t they have a movie to distribute?”

“I can’t get you a copy, I only had access to it.

And I know this is a difficult question to answer, but at the end of the day I think it’s because we’re all here so we’re all in this together and people like our music.”

And what about the fans?

“No one is getting paid; there are no commercial deals.”

As ever, the music industry seems intent on changing the laws — just as it’s been doing for a while already. And at last week’s Music Awards, the British music attorney Clive Palmer told the audience that there is a solution to the current music impasse: “We should abolish the music industry as we know it and the industry could stop being a business.”

Here, for example, was an advertisement for another music, this one based on Harry Potter books:

The world is looking at Australia after one man posted his face online as he shot himself (Picture: Google)

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A man in Australia has admitted murdering himself after being linked to a ‘s***bag’ who threatened to post his picture on social media.

The 24-year-old man, who is thought to be a friend of ‘The Shocking Shocker’ on Facebook, killed himself during the rampage on December 16 last year, as police began their own probe into the threat allegedly made by the self-styled psychopath.

The man was found with a gun and ammunition in his car when police attempted to stop the car. No-one else was in the car at the time.

But the day following the killing, the man posted a video of himself with the face of a ‘Shocking Shocker’, who later confessed his role.

The ‘Shocking Shocker’ threatened to post a picture of him and a friend after the killing in a public video (Picture: YouTube/TheShockingShocker)

And when police searched his house they found a gun and ammo which was later traced to him.

Mr Abrash said: ‘We are all stunned with the news about The Shocking Shocker.

MORE: Boy, 12, accidentally stabs 11-year-old girl during school play and the whole school is now on the run

‘It’s not like any of the stories that have been written online. He never said anything bad to us. He was simply in the wrong place at the

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