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I know where the name came from. The first time I heard of it was a story in a storybook, and I couldn’t quite believe what I had heard. What is the origin of that name?

Pierce: I really wish I could recall with certainty. I think it was an ad. It was a book about a young girl who was kidnapped, and after that, the story was about her being reunited with her family. I think the book came out in a magazine for adult readers where the editor said, “Let’s call it ‘indie’.” We were like, “Well, that’s not what we want to call it!” We just did it. I remember reading it when I was 15 years old, and I was just, like, blown away. The author, Michael Stover, was very gracious in allowing us to call it that. He was the one who first suggested, “Let’s call it ‘indie.'” He had no idea what an indie was. We had no idea. But I feel he was totally sincere about it.

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How has Kickstarter affected your indie book publishing?

Pierce: Kickstarter is a great thing. As far as I know, there’s never been, not for me personally, and not for any publisher, really, any of them. We did a lot of work and we did an insane amount of work, and I don’t know if anyone did with it for Kickstarter. I think that’s the reason the market is so small and we just do it better. We just have more experience. I think that’s why we’ve been able to do very little with Kickstarter and we really just have our own thing. We have the people who are willing to work with us and the people who really commit to our thing.

How is the collaboration between indie authors and indie publishers? Is there a specific process?

Pierce: Most certainly, but I guess I have no idea how it’s worked before. I think that’s actually not new. I mean, I haven’t seen this before. We’ve been in touch with so many publishers for so long and it’s really not what we think it should be. If we’re going to do it, we will definitely get it right the first time. I think we’re just really good at getting the right person in. I don’t know if there’s any big rules or anything, I mean everyone is free to create what they want and to do what they want. And you can

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