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That would be the director,” she added, before answering what exactly is the role of a filmmaker. “He has a name, a reputation and he is an artist,” she said to laughs. “The director is the guy who wants the film to be good and wants the audience to think they will be entertained and have fun with this movie.”

Benson’s interview, which can be seen in the attached YouTube video, was posted on the same day as the film’s release date of Oct. 30.

The movie marks the first foray of the director, who is making her third movie.

“My father used to say, ‘My work is done when I finish. I can sit back and have a few drinks’ and, you know, I think he was an artist too,” Benson told The Hollywood Reporter in 1999. “You are what you are. Don’t have a lot of options.”

Benson’s other projects include “Valkyrie,” for TV, and “Bridging The Gap” for cable television and broadcast.

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One of the main questions among many players when it comes to playing against the new Overwatch team is when they will have access to their roster. As we’ve seen recently, they’ve started to take that step, announcing the following today:

We have taken the following actions:

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– Team Captain has been added to support tickets, and will be available to all members of the Overwatch team. This includes all coaches and staff

– All players will be updated to the latest Overwatch build, and any players signed to the roster prior to launch will be released.

We also have a blog post detailing all of the above: http://blog.overwatch.gg/overwatch/news

With the latest in the series of terror bombings at Brussels airport and on metro systems, the French interior minister, Gerard Collomb, has declared a state of emergency, saying there are now “reasonable grounds” for the state to use armed police.

A police source who said Collomb wanted to keep terror suspects under armed guard said: “The Belgian government have always said it wants terrorists under tight surveillance. We are now at that point.”

The source also said that Belgian police wanted to detain the suspected mastermind behind the Paris and Brussels attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud. This suggestion, which could not be confirmed by the French government, followed

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