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The writer, the director, the actors, the script writers, and then the distributor. If the film has been released it’s already out there on the internet and everyone needs to know you, the film’s producer, the studio. Everyone needs to be ready to speak to the media, to speak on camera, or do interviews or make some other publicity push. If there’s something left for the distributor to do, or perhaps to do behind the scenes stuff, that’s fine. But there’s really nothing the distributor wants to do on its own that he wouldn’t be able to do if he was hired by the movie’s studio. The film may have been released but it’s just sitting there in the dark, waiting for someone’s push to get it out. As a writer, you need to be as involved, as involved in the promotion process as possible.

What are some great resources online? I don’t want you to go into a website and find a bunch of books and go on a reading binge. You have to keep something in mind. For instance, how about you look at some of the film promotion resources, or some of the industry websites?
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Oh, okay! There’s some great websites, websites filled with useful information. I love the film sites. One of the biggest is FilmBuff.org. There’s a lot that’s useful about how to get the most exposure for a film. There are many other websites devoted to this. Also, I have some good articles on my website.

What kind of outreach materials can filmmakers use? As a writer, what’s useful for you? What tools have you found to be helpful when you write an article and you realize you can’t really remember everything you wrote?

Oh, definitely. Obviously there’s a bunch of different things you can use as a writer: articles, articles that you write based on things that have been published on other sites, things that you learn that’ll be helpful to you in promoting your film to potential distributors or audiences or viewers. As a filmmaker and the producer, the only tools you will ever be required to use are the tools you’re already using. Those are the ones that help you promote your film, as opposed to the tools you’re learning.

The film community as a whole is very small, but does an increasing number of filmmakers have the right tools to get their film out there? In terms of marketing, is there more of a discussion about getting your film out there or is it more like,

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