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And the most expensive movie ever?

Well the answer is, that depends on the script.

The plot of the movie is what really counts.

The script for Money Pit is quite complex.

Not only is it about money but it’s a real thriller with a real story and a real atmosphere.

If it were a straight up comedy then you would get no money.

Because a comedy can not be a real movieā€¦

For example in Money Pit the main character is a bank robber who had some issues related to his job and money so he decided to move to San Francisco and was working as a bank robber.

In this movie it would have been impossible to have a budget that would have paid for all the movie props, locations, the director of photography, location management, etc., etc.

So the budget for the movie was about $70M.

So that was the amount that the studio had to invest.

Even with all those factors you’ll get around 10-12% of the gross of the movie.

That’s why you need to be well prepared in advance and be able to keep in touch with your cast and crew as they are working and shooting.

That will pay huge dividends later on.

I hope this has helped you understand how to put your money to good use.

I’ll finish by saying, for me there are many reasons why I make a movie.

Just my personal feeling is:

I like to shoot people who are different from me.

So I love to make movies that are not about rich white guys.

The ones you can relate to.

I love to make movies that are fun and challenging to watch.

And movies with great scripts that you can relate to.

Pompano Beach Club,Bermuda -Promo 2011 - YouTube
And the more challenging the movie the more money it makes.

For me there is no limit to what can be financed and what can be made with a movie fund.

So when you see this post go pick up a DVD for money pit.

And I recommend a video I made because it’s a great reminder how important it is to get invested in your movie.

Here it is:

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Thanks for reading!

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