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All of the stars stay in the same hotel, a place of its own—not a hotel owned by a network, or a studio. So when you go to the hotel for the day, it changes. Because if you’re a network, you go to the same hotel every night, or, if the actors are on their own, they also stay at different places. You’re really there in the hotel room, which is so much more intimate and intimate than you might be at a hotel in a studio, because you can see each actor’s face, hear what they’re saying, smell them, and touch them without them realizing it.

Have you ever been treated differently because of a difference in age?

No. If an actor is 40-something and someone is in their 30s, you will not see the differences between them. I don’t care who it is, so long as they look the same—whether it’s because of makeup, makeup artist, haircut, or whatever. But, for instance, if somebody looks 24 and they’re 40-something, that’s kind of a big difference. The age difference may not show, but as soon as they were in the same place, the difference is there.

But how do you know when it’s a difference in age, or when it’s because of something else? Like, did somebody put a fake beard on Michael Bay’s face, or, because he’s a big actor, he could tell that we’re talking about him?

That’s not what I want to touch on. I mean, people sometimes do fake things, or, if someone has a certain look, there’s an actor or model with it and they try to sell all sorts of different looks. But once you’re in that room, you’re not going to see that; it’s not like it’s on camera. Sometimes, it’s just the way they’re going, so I don’t really have to worry too much about it. But, again, they can have the exact same look, whatever that look might be. You might not even know what they’re going for.

Did you ever feel pressure as a child growing up on The Dukes of Hazzard to be a specific height, and then, as an adult, you don’t think anybody notices anything because they’re all in this super-stretchy clothes?

No, no, no. Not really. It goes back to the reason I asked you to take this

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