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When I was in the industry I started to look really closely at the difference between directors and directors’ assistants. The difference between a director’s assistants and directors was when I started to realize I was not the director! (laughs). They had to follow a set of scripts and the scripts had to be written beforehand. And then as I made more films I realized that I just didn’t have the ability or talent to do that.

So I became a directors’ assistant. Then I thought I’d start as a director and just move up. It was a bit like The Sopranos, which I’d seen so many times that the directors’ assistant was almost a job title. So that was exactly what happened to me. My experience made me realize I still didn’t have the ability.

It’s definitely a lot harder to be part of an actual production and be involved with all the different departments. It’s a tough way to do it. When you work on it you want to make sure you’re on the same page as everyone else on the crew. And when you finally make your move to directing you’re ready to get into the action. But at the same time you’re not really getting a sense of what that is and your first impression is that you know nothing. (laughs)

It’s just that everyone is so eager to be a part of the creative process. It goes so quickly, and so much so that when we get a script and we think maybe a director should read it, they’re not even on the movie. Now that the film is out there you see the script in the theater and you’re waiting for the director and you’re ready to see him or her. They’re already in there and it’s just all you see the movie in for so you’re kind of lost. Then it’s on to reshoots of different scenes that don’t really work and you’re constantly doing things for the next day or the next film. I just wasn’t that way when I was working.

It’s a very regimented process. It has to be. The idea that you can be creative every day is the biggest thing. And it has to be a great creative process. Once you get into a production that’s a long run. I’d say if you put in one film for 10 years no one even remembers the last one. You’ve had your fill of it. They’re no longer doing anything new. But if you start working in a different studio then the idea of

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