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I love to travel, I like to eat great food, I love to do my own thing – I’m always exploring.

What is your worst experience as a director? What did you learn from it?

To me, I think that was the most terrible experience and I was definitely in a position of being very close with people, and so I can empathize with what people are going through or what people who are a certain age may go through.

What was the most challenging part of directing?

Working closely with such a wide variety of people.

Can you tell me your biggest regret?

That is so personal. That I have never worked with another director, which is a big thing to me, and I have worked with a ton of great directors but it comes with a big price and the reason for my hesitation is that I was working very closely with people and I also didn’t get the freedom I would like.

Anything else you would like to add?

I want to say thank you to everyone I have met and worked with all over the world. I am extremely lucky to have been surrounded by such incredible talent and I have learnt so much in my life. I will forever be grateful.

As a child of the 1980s, I remember thinking how hard it was to watch a movie at this time. All those little kids squirming around? How would you know if something was okay or not when all you could see are big eyes and a wide mouth? It was an incredibly difficult experience.

The first few times I saw a film, the kids all looked like they were in an alien planet. Even when the movie was over, those faces were there.

There are some films released in the 80s that have stuck with me, like the original Alien. This one is an example of an 80s film that managed to capture something of the innocence of kids at the time and even turned it into a monster.

It’s always so tempting to go to a kid’s movie; a safe space where it’s easy to have fun while experiencing things for the very first time. This is a movie I’ve wanted to watch for so long that I knew I needed to find a way to make my daughter watch it for me, which resulted in me calling the movie library. You know how it goes.

After I called, I was able to find three copies of the film at the library and they were perfect. The movie was

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