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As a director, you should focus your energies on learning how to create, direct, and produce the most exciting and compelling projects with the most people. You will build credibility with people who are excited about what you are doing and want to work with you.

What is your work ethic like?

This job is pretty crazy. I have to wake up early and do everything else. I am a very demanding and demanding person. Everything I do, I try to do right the first time. If I see something that needs to be corrected I do it right away. If something is not working I can only do it better next time. It is not easy on an average day, but when the hours are in our favor, this is really amazing.

What are your top three passions?

I love to dance dance around my house listening to music, to draw and to cook. Cooking is a dream I can work towards so that my children have an opportunity to have healthy meals that are filled with love and goodness.

The first ever full-length film from the band Tame Impala has already been re-released by the group’s label, Island Records, and is set to be released in Canada on July 27, by Relapse Records. The album will be available in select cities including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa – and will also be released on July 8 on Island Records.

The band’s debut new studio album, Current Value, arrived last November to critical praise. The album featured lead single “The Mother We Share” and was the final piece in Tame Impala’s full-length trilogy, a trilogy of EPs spanning four albums and a total of eight tracks. Current Value was released on Relapse Records on July 11.

In celebration of current value, we thought it would be awesome to take a look back in time, to the period that “wowed everyone” with Current Value (and even changed the face of rock and pop.)

The Tame Impala Albums Tracklisting
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1. A Moon Shaped Pool

2. Current Value

3. This Is All Yours (feat. Zoë Johnston and Ben Wilkes)

4. Still

5. Current Value

6. This Is All Yours

7. The Mother We Share

8. Current Value

9. What I’ve Done (feat. Ben Wilkes and The xx)


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