What makes a film successful? – Filmmaking Degree

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1. Creativity. The thing that drives a film forward and keeps it afloat.

2. Passion. The thing that keeps a story moving ahead.

3. Integrity. The things you try to put on camera that do not match the truth of your story.

4. Integrity and integrity are often underwritten in the script. In the case of this film, these are the very things that kept it afloat during weeks of rough cuts. I can’t claim to have the secret of how this all worked, nor can I show you the script for you to use. But I can promise that what I have shown is what I was thinking and doing over the course of the entire writing and editing process.

Forget all the “what we do” and “how we do”. It’s what WE DO that counts.

That leads me to…

10). The Final Cut: Why does it matter?

At its core, CATCH was something that I wanted to make. I wanted to make it for myself. I wanted to share it with as many people as possible. I wanted to make it the film I wanted to make it. I wanted to give it everything I had. And that’s precisely what I achieved during this writing process.

In doing this, I was able to make the ultimate decision:

Do I want to produce or fund something that I believe is a product?

No matter what I would have been willing to spend, it is because of how it will impact me. It is because of how much it will mean to people.

For this reason, the final cut was a defining moment of “Why” that drove the entire process of getting this film finished. Without it, I was not ready to make the film in the way that I wanted to.

And with that final cut, I finally had the resources and resources to make this film the film I wanted to make and that I want to make.

It’s that final cut which made all the difference.

That’s what’s on your hands!


The goal of this Kickstarter was to create a truly unique and original version of CATCH that would allow me to make the film I wanted to make. To do that, however, I needed the funds to get my team together. But it was also important that I could also make this film with the funds I’m planning to raise.

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