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The average salary for any filmmaker is $200,000 or above. Most top filmmakers make more than that.

What’s the most important advice a filmmaker can give in their career?

The most important advice a filmmaker can give is to never stop learning and improving. When you stop learning, when you stop making improvements, you end up on the wrong path. You have no chance of getting anywhere. It’s a bad habit.

As a filmmaker learn from each experience and never stop learning. Then you won’t have a chance to mess something up. Then one day you will have the skills, understanding and passion to make something amazing!

I am an avid fan of the television series, Breaking Bad. I first stumbled upon the series on Netflix this past fall and was quickly hooked. Breaking Bad is one of the best dramas of 2014 to date. I love seeing how things play out, how the characters play out, how the plot twists and turns. The most recent episodes were incredible. It’s like watching a great work of literature. I’ve enjoyed many television shows (I’m a huge fan of The Office, Sons of Anarchy, The Middle, and Breaking Bad) but I’m most drawn to those that I know I can watch over and over again.
I’ve never really been one for binge-watching. I tend to stick with one show, binge-watch a few, and then move on. I know how the binge-watching world works in some ways, but in another many people just binge-watch TV shows. I get it. It can be really frustrating when you want to get back to watching Breaking Bad, but you have to watch all the episodes again. For me, I simply stop watching the show once I’ve watched the last six episodes. The season 6 finale, though, I couldn’t put down! I loved it. In my humble opinion, the sixth episode of Breaking Bad was one of the best shows of this year. I’m currently watching every episode and binge-watching season 1.
It had been a while since I last watched Breaking Bad…and yet, I still felt the need to revisit the pilot. How often does one have to rewatch a pilot before you really know what to expect? My guess is that I got through it because I’d been thinking about it since I first saw it. I knew exactly what my expectations were going into it…or at least I thought I did.
I know that this review may seem light-hearted at times

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