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If you’re an amateur you should expect to spend a decent chunk of change on your dream project, because even if you don’t plan to make more than a few hundred thousand dollars in your career, all things considered that is pretty damn good when you consider how much money it takes to make a single film.

Here’s the breakdown:

1) You should make a documentary about yourself:

If you’re going to make something more than a movie, you have to have something of your own to show off. If you can’t convince a big corporation to finance your film or to a studio, you have to go with yourself and your audience.

If you’re just starting to make a name for yourself with your own work, making a documentary may be the only thing you have to show off.

2) You should make the most basic trailer

It’s an easy and efficient way of showing off your project to potential investors and financiers. The trailer will give out the bare bones of the film: some background, a bit about the production, the cast, and a synopsis. This will get you your best chance for interviews with journalists, bloggers and other fans. It’s not worth the effort of putting the hours in on a proper trailer, because it’s easy to make one, and it takes very little time to make it.

I actually like these trailers.

3) You need to have a logo in the trailer

One piece of advice I would give amateur filmmakers that want to market their movie: Don’t make a logo in the trailer.

No one will ever see it. It’s a lot like an ad, and if it doesn’t do anything for your movie, it doesn’t deserve to be paid.

Don’t do this. We have enough work as is right now that we have no need for more, so just put the logo in.

It’s probably a very common mistake to use a generic logo for your movie. People can identify a generic logo easily enough, and the average person is not going to see the logo.

My goal with this post is not to judge anyone for doing this, because I’m pretty sure that’s wrong… but I’m going to say that you should make a logo if you plan to sell your movie to the public, or to someone who wants to see the project come to life in a documentary fashion.

A good logo will increase the chances of getting discovered and getting

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