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The University of Cambridge offers different types of higher education courses designed for different industries. However, in order to apply for the course you must have an undergraduate degree; as such many of these courses are available to students both in and out of university. There are two main types of course offered by Cambridge universities: the business, industrial, technical/computational and business law; each offers different degrees for different levels of experience and expertise.

As such, it is important to choose a course which suits your particular area of working in business, such as law or industry; or research or teaching.

You can apply for the course either immediately after entering uni or after six months of working experience. You must satisfy the university which you wish to undertake business, industrial and technology degree.

Once the course has been approved you will receive a detailed tuition document – which you can find here – outlining details of the course and a full course application process. These documents give you information about course costs, tuition fees, timetables, deadlines, what to expect at lectures and how to attend them. We will contact you for an application letter in November or December.

There wasn’t a big game today, but there was some exciting news in a pretty good team meeting that I think you’ll enjoy.

The news was first reported by The Post’ s Robert Klemko ( who was there as were both Paul Maurice and Ray Shero) who got his story from his sources on the team, though there weren’t many actual official details on the subject.

“There was good discussion but the big headline was the return of Pavel Datsyuk,” said one of the people familiar with the meeting, who requested anonymity because the team wouldn’t discuss it. “The meeting was about making sure we’re making the right decisions and not taking anything for granted. The whole point of having a GM is that you can do your homework.”

Datsyuk returned to the Wings after the lockout ended earlier this week for his second visit to Detroit. There was a meeting between the two on Wednesday night. If it was all a show, Datsyuk certainly played a role, but the Wings were apparently willing to look past his injuries, as Maurice told Klemko, “I think he’s the one who took the most out of it. And he’s the one who gave us some positive feedback.”

The meeting was supposed to last for a maximum of an hour. It was said the two sides

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