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As far as I’m concerned, anything with a “freelance” descriptor is a good idea, since freelancers have no employer, no company, no management, and no job security. For those that know us, as you have no idea, we can get by just fine, thank you very much! The problem, of course, is that it doesn’t take a great deal of money to become a freelance filmmaker, but you do need to do a good deal of work to be able to get paid for your work. For example: it requires a good deal of editing and postproduction time; it requires a decent amount of travel, as many of you will have some of us in your travel lists; it requires the ability to learn a wide variety of skills and tools that you will need at the start; it even requires that you develop relationships with an amazing set of freelancers who’ll help you get a job. And, most importantly, it requires that you get a bit of experience, which means you’ll almost certainly end up becoming a film maker in some fashion by the time you’re 25–30 years old. A lot of you just can’t get enough experience.

What kinds of films can I make? I work professionally with pretty much everyone, but that’s a different story. You, my fellow freelancers, are going to have tons of creative freedom to start with. Your first film will need to have some elements, like some acting and a little narrative, but for the most part that is about it. You can make movies with a lot of basic story beats, and some basic characters, and a great opening sequence. But once you actually start crafting an entire film, things start to get a little more ambitious and complex. You’ll need people, locations and props and sets; you’ll need to get an actor interested in being in the project, and you’ll need an entire set to construct and use and film and edit together. Then you’ll need an entire cast, along with a set of special effects that will allow you to show off characters that actually move, interact with each other, and actually get on set and do stuff you want them to do in the film. And you’ll need a director, someone who will lead you through the process, and a producer, the one person who will help you raise money and finance and manage the shoot.

Will I get paid for my films?

Yes! We have an awesome program that pays out a minimum royalty of 2-3%

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