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The pay for a film editor ranges from $50,000 to $150,000 per year. Depending on the type of position, a film editor can receive up to 40-50% of the total production budget. The average film editor salary in the US is $72,900 as of 2015 according to TheHollywood.com.

Salary Outlook for Next March

While salaries in Hollywood are high, the employment outlook is likely to be somewhat different in the near future due to Trump’s presidency. According to a survey conducted by The Hollywood Reporter in March, the president-elect’s economic policy ideas are expected to impact not only how Hollywood salaries are spent but also how the film industry reacts. The survey showed that the Hollywood actors, who have been largely quiet, are likely to be more supportive of Trump as president than they were for Hillary Clinton.

Salary Outlook in Hollywood as of 4 March 2017

Production salaries for all types of work in Hollywood can vary between $400,000 and $700,000 a year. For that reason, the average wage of a movie edit is not as far above the median salary of a typical American worker. However, there are some jobs that require higher pay. The average film editor pays between $72,900 and $142,000 for four months of work each year.

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The UK’s second biggest supermarket group has launched a new food bank because it is “impractical” and “not useful”.

Tesco will accept cash payments to the UK’s largest food bank, which provides free nutritious food to the under-nourished.
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The chain has also agreed to give £50 to charity every year while the £100,000 supermarket has the option of giving all the proceeds to an organisation.

Tesco will take cash donations of the following:

· Peat meal

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· Dairy and meat

· Rice, oatmeal, pasta and other pasta products

· Cereals

· Milk, yoghurt and other milk products

· Snacks

The organisation will be overseen by the food bank’s head, Dr Andrew Mclendon.

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