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I’m pretty sure I don’t need one, but this list is a useful one for us artists. Note: The pay information below is based on the current US pay structure, see the chart in the bottom right. You may need to move more from your original level to get a higher salary. The only way to really know is to ask the right questions. Check below the graph to see each artist’s wage and see the chart for the current US $.
What about my other professional skills as a film editor?
These have become extremely important in the industry. While no one would dare tell people how much a person should be allowed to take, the general consensus is that the “rules” for a professional editor to make money in film is pretty simple.
First up: you need the tools. While many new editors come right out and say they’re not interested in learning Photoshop (as if you would actually be using Photoshop in every single cut for 5 minutes), once you do you’ll get the experience and knowledge of knowing where to look in a digital matte package to find all the critical components.
This is why a lot of editors do not like to speak about their work. They don’t understand what the job of the editor is really about. The only exception to this is when they’re using Photoshop or Premiere or Final Cut to edit, but if that’s the only skill you have the job is pretty much uninspiring.
The other skill is to understand what the film editors would say when they’ve had a meeting with themselves. You’ll be amazed at which elements of your own words/artwork get used. Remember, editing is a very personal process and if you really do work on it as long as you make an effort to learn you’ll build up a solid knowledge base for yourself.
The last part is an art. As we said in the beginning, the work has to be consistent. This is not just an art for the editing itself, it’s for making decisions about how the work should be done when it’s done.
The biggest lesson for the editors on this list is always to have the opportunity to learn something new and to see what’s possible.
The list is not an exhaustive list, of course, but my list as well as that of others (including the ones I’ve chosen to ignore!) will give you some idea what the wage gap is.
What is an “average” movie editor hourly wage?
An editor has almost complete freedom in their production. They can do

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