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An editor’s budget consists of an annual freelance rate and the rate that she is paid as a full time editor by the production company. It’s generally about $75,000 per year. The editor negotiates this rate with the production company.

Are film editors getting raises?

No. This is a “living wage.”

What about film editors who are freelancers?

If a film-making producer or director has negotiated a specific rate for their editor that is less, you should be able to get that in writing. The editor will have to agree on that rate before agreeing to cover the production company’s “editor’s rate” and all associated costs (i.e. wardrobe, lighting, props, transportation etc.) as a freelancer, but there are a lot of times when we would get more out of that amount on a freelance basis, and the work itself would be cheaper.

Is there an open-call for film editors?

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You can apply here: https://film-editingjobs.com

Where can I check up on film-editing jobs?


How can I book an interview with a film editor?

You need to meet with an editor first. If they aren’t the one you’re looking for, that’s ok too. Some job listings will have a “submit a resume” link.

Why didn’t I find a job listing?

The industry is still young, and it’s hard to know how long a job listings will stay online. Sometimes a job may just be out of date in one area of the studio, and have since been changed.

I found a job listing, is it still up?

It can take up to two weeks for it to be removed from the site.

How can I contact an editor?

Contact your production company, the editor themselves, the editor’s agent, the company they were hired from or the editor’s supervisor and ask them to add a contact email. They will probably take longer than you to respond, so if you do have to contact an editor, try to ask.

How can I book a session with an editor?

You need to visit the studio (or agent’s house) and ask that they help you book an interview. You also need a production budget, your current freelance rate and what sort of editing experience you would like for your

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