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A filmmaker, more often than not, is a person who works with an idea in mind to tell an emotional story. That’s not to say he doesn’t have work to do in the studio, but he doesn’t want to keep pushing for something that will not be in his best interest.

A filmmaker is someone who works with his idea, so when they’re working on that project they don’t want to lose their edge as far as the director, the producer and the studio. They want to work on a project with the highest possible standard, and that’s why they make films in the first place.

I work with directors from my day to day, whether we’re working on a film within the same studio or a new film. We work with the story. We want to make a film with the highest quality and then have that film stand on its own feet with great characters and great performances. That’s our goal.

Do you work with directors outside of the studio?

Yes, as far as I have known.

Do you keep in touch with directors outside of the studio?

Yes, I do, and I enjoy having the opportunity to work with directors within.

How does a filmmaker find projects? Do you look on a film’s IMDB page or Google? Are filmmakers able to contact you directly?

We’re lucky. Some directors use websites like IMDB and others use direct messages. Many of the directors that I work with have very specific projects we would like to work on, and those projects are usually in this field, and are looking for people who have something to contribute. Other directors will reach out through social media or email.

You’re a member of a film school. Do you speak to students of your school? What are the types of projects you’re able to do with the students?

Screenwriting - UNCSA
The School of the Moving Image in Venice and LA, a school that has trained hundreds of filmmakers across the world, is an institution that is always looking for students that they can get involved with.

I will have a class where I can talk with students and the director (who will be sitting there reading this) as we go through storyboards and work. Once or twice a semester I’ve been working with students of their school, with films that they worked on, and with directors that they feel could benefit from my guidance and knowledge as a filmmaker.

Do directors have anywhere to watch the work of their fellow filmmakers, or

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