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It’s quite complicated. We all do a ton of different different types of work, we each do some different types of work. We all have different styles of work but we all still, in some ways do our own thing. If you think about the films that you watch on YouTube and the things that you love, that’s very much all of our work. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It’s all different, but we all try to have our own distinct style of filmmaking.

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I guess the next thing I was thinking was, where’s the place I can be? I think as a filmmaker you could probably tell somebody’s next project. A lot of people don’t know that but on a typical day I’m at my computer. I’m in the theater, or a computer workstation if I’m actually doing a film. That’s where I go to work, and I like to be in that environment as well, and we do the most things together, we also work so far apart.

That would be the same situation you have today if it’s you on the set of a film making movie and me off the set?

That’s right.

So we’re at different points in development then.

Yeah, we’re making different movies. For years as a filmmaker I’ve had people say they could be my friends when I say I’m making films. It started in my early days, you know like a couple years ago with A-team and how people said they could become friends when we were doing those films. And it happened again with A-team. With a certain movie. When we did The Wolf of Wall Street — the movie, of course, of Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio — that’s where people actually became friends. That’s the movie people that I work with are friends with my friends. That’s what a friend really is.

With a certain movie?

Yeah, it’s a movie. It’s a movie and we’ve all known some of them together for years, people are friends of mine that we’ve made films with, people that maybe I would think the same way if we made another film together but we’re not gonna. It’s something I can talk about sometimes, especially when you’re making films and it’s all just going on for a long time and it starts to go in circles and then you start writing songs for each other and then you start doing a lot of things that you don’t necessarily know how to do

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