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The most critical part of the film arts curriculum focuses on the creative use of digital technology to create films. This includes the technical process of making a film, from designing and developing a story to filming it.

We’ll also talk about the theory and practice of filmmaking. It’s not just about movies. Our students explore how to approach a wide variety of subjects, from the art of photography to the science of film. In addition to film, they’ll gain valuable film criticism skills such as film theory, framing, and editing, and even do special-film workshops. Their focus is film and video, not film technology.

What are our requirements?

Applicants interested in enrolling at Texas Central must fulfill the following minimum requirements:

Graduate, BFA film-major

Strong academic background

Proven track record of making films, including short films and documentaries

Strong teaching skills including a strong command of the film curriculum

Filling out both the film-major and film-education requirements (optional)

A strong interest in and ability to teach film


In addition, these students must complete the thesis:

An extensive writing sample, consisting of 300–500 words describing your work, including a proposed thesis statement

An essay covering key themes and themes in the film you’re applying to teach

Final document:

Your final document should be submitted in .doc/.txt form.

Additional requirements for applicants who are not applicants to Texas Central are:

Must have a full-time faculty job offer from an accredited accredited school, and at least a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent)

Must have an active research position or an active research interest (to the extent permitted by your program of study)

Complete an in-depth oral exam, on-site and/or online. If applying online, you must complete a separate questionnaire. If applying via mail, the written assessment must be submitted prior to your interview.

Apply to a particular program of study. There are no residency requirements. Texas Central does not offer online programs.

How do I apply?


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