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1.) Making the sound

2.) Lighting the sound

3.) Setting the soundtrack

4.) Framing the sound

5.) Making the cameras

6.) Taking care of the camera

7.) Making the film

8.) Taking care of the sets for the film

3.) A short film (12-20 minutes)

1.) Editing the scene at the beginning of the film

2.) Editing at the end of the film

3.) Making the sound

4.) Lights and sound

5.) Creating the film set

6.) Making the special effects

8.) Props for the film

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Quick Walkthrough [ edit ]

Find an elven artifact of unknown history in the ancient ruins of Vlindrel Hall. Take it to the Elvhenan College, where Daedric Lord Sotha Sil has it for study. Discover evidence that Sotha Sil may be related to the Dunmeri mystery.

Detailed Walkthrough [ edit ]

Finding the Artifact [ edit ]

A man and a woman have already set out from Vlindrel Hall for Vlindrel Hall itself, seeking to find an artifact of uncertain origin from there. Once they find the entrance, they make their way through all sorts of broken stones to reach the ruins located to the southeast. Once at the ruins they locate the following:

“Famished, the young wizard wanders into the ruins of Vlindrel Hall, which he suspects to be his home,” says an NPC, Daedric Lord Sotha Sil. The elderly wizard quickly notices Sotha Sil sitting on the steps, and begins to question him about his unusual obsession—a strange, dark aura around him.

Dialogue [ edit ]

Daedric Lord Sotha Sil says: I can sense your search. I

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