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Many people consider that the film industry has its own culture — as a result of several centuries of history and tradition. These crafts are usually considered to be unique. As more and more people work as film professionals, the traditional and interesting crafts have gained popularity and been well-recognized. Films, as the result of the fact that the whole production process are extremely specialized, these crafts have become more and more popular with the audience and other professionals. The 24 crafts are the common elements of the films industry. Besides that, some more advanced crafts such as music were invented or evolved in these days.

What do you mean by film craft? What are the 24 crafts in film industry?

Film Craft is a term used to classify all the crafts of film production. There are so many, and they are so diverse. In addition, many films have a lot of them. Each one has their own unique characteristics. However, it is important to distinguish between the crafts because the main role of a craft is to produce a finished film, not to make up specific movie effects. The following are the most important and creative crafts.

(1) Art and Design – The design of a film consists of the creative process, such as character designs, props and characters.

(2) Cinematography – The cinematography is the composition of the film.

(3) Costume Design and Make – The costumes and make of a film is very important.

(4) Lighting – The lighting is very important as a result of it creating the mood and appearance. The use of lights and lenses in an area also creates an excellent impact on the film.

(5) Motion Graphics – The motion graphics used in a film is one of the areas of production of which is important. All of these are a part of the film process, and a filmmaker should know and master them.

(6) Visual Effects – The visual effects used are used primarily for the film.

(7) Sound Design – The sound effects used in a film is an important aspect of film production.

The above mentioned crafts are the basic elements of the process of creating a film. In addition, there are many other craft of films which are specific to cinema. In this list, I would mention a few of such crafts.
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