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This has to be one of the hardest questions in the business. If someone is interested in filmmaking, then there is a wealth of knowledge that can be gained through experience. The other option is to become a filmmaker and then become a director. It is certainly a difficult choice and it has become harder through time and technology. However, my goal is to be a filmmaker as long as I live. I have no plans to stop making films as it has a tremendous impact on our world.

So… how long is a typical day in the office? How many hours do you work on a film?

My typical day involves two hours of shooting, one hour of pre-production and an hour and a half of post production.

What are your favorite directors and how do you like what they do?

My favorites are Stanley Kubrick, Jean Cocteau and Roger Corman. Stanley Kubrick, to me, is the embodiment of a good film. He is an icon and the best director that I have ever worked with. I would hate to be him.

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Is it hard to find directors out there who might be interested in shooting your film?

I have a huge problem with finding directors in Hollywood. I have a great relationship with many successful filmmakers and I can easily find people I respect. However, the problem is that most filmmakers who try to work in Hollywood feel that they must come from somewhere and do some kind of acting in order to get work. However, I am a filmmaker. I’ve always been. I am not a professional actor. I am just a filmmaker. If you don’t like playing an actor, do something else! I’m trying hard to do something different and I see no reason why we shouldn’t have a diverse group of filmmakers working here in the US.

You have worked with a diverse variety of filmmakers over the years. What is it like working with directors that look like you but who aren’t a part of the current American cinematic canon? How do you keep in touch with those people?

Unfortunately, no. As you can imagine, not a lot happens between my films (yes there have been one or two, but not many). Sometimes I’ll see what my favorite directors are doing and try to get in touch with them. They usually don’t think too much about it and they usually don’t respond. I have a great relationship with a few directors and I try to give them the time of day. However, every once in a while

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