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I hope I go the rest of my life not being shy about making films. In the first three years of my career, I made two documentaries, The Unnamed and The Last of the Indians—and none of them would have come out today if it weren’t for the work and support of my girlfriend at the time, Katie. She was my life coach, and it was a huge blessing to call her my friend. She helped me grow as a filmmaker, and I hope, if the film business doesn’t work out with my first film, I’ll be able to work with somebody for the rest of my life.”

The Federal Court of Canada has awarded $200,000 to the parents of a girl who lost her leg when her father left her to die.

On Monday, Justice Rosalie Abella ruled in favour of the children and their mother, Suneeta and Pawan Kumar, in their $150-million civil lawsuit against their father, Manjeet Dalvi. But Ms. Abella did not provide a ruling on whether the children are entitled to half of the award.

A ruling is expected later this year.

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In December 2011, the court awarded $500,000 to help the mother and the children pay for a medical rehabilitation program run by a psychiatrist, who found Ms. Dalvi guilty of the manslaughter of their daughter. The judge found that the father had a “duty” to care, even if she did not know what he was doing and “in her mind the parents had already failed.”

The parents had to pay for the treatment for the girl, while the psychiatrist’s compensation was split between the mother and the children.

This morning I read about some people’s “fear” that the FBI has found a way to break into their cell phone data. That claim seems so ludicrous that I want to address it in a public forum, as it does not hold any water.

In December we saw reports that someone using software to take over other people’s phones had found that it was possible to take over their location data if they had that person’s phone and were in a certain area, and then get the phone to send the data straight to the wrong place. It is possible to create a botnet that works like this.

I think the FBI’s claim is based on this article: If you have the right kind of software, you can get a phone’s location data from a cell tower. This can give the

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