Is it hard to become a filmmaker? – Filmmaking Glossary Pdf

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There have been many times that I’ve been told by people that it’s really hard to start a project and it doesn’t have potential. It’s not easy, but there are a lot of great ideas out there that people aren’t willing to support. I’d say it’s about 2 percent of the entire population that’s really passionate about what they’re doing, and about 5 percent of the people are actively working on being better filmmakers.

Is it the biggest problem?

The biggest problem is that it’s hard to get the word out. I think the best strategy for getting things made is to share the information with as many people as possible. The most difficult part about becoming a filmmaker is realizing how many people have not heard of you and that when you do start making movies, they want to see your work.
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Why did you choose to start a company, instead of working on your own?

It didn’t even occur to me to start a film company because I love filmmaking. I just did it because I wanted to be able to make the art I want to have. In the past I would have tried to break it off into individual companies. But one thing I realized was that the best way to make this the best work I’d ever do is to start a film company and allow for me to grow it organically. It’s a company where I can actually be creative. It’s the best way to build your career over time.

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