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Why not?

We can’t answer that. It’s not really our decision to make, but the truth is that films and film industries need good actors.

One of the most important ways filmmakers can use to attract new talent is by getting them to think of what it would be like to direct a feature.

I’ve recently read this book on making a feature film, and the idea that one day I’ll direct another one is probably as far away as you’ll ever reach. I don’t really see myself directing another movie because so many of us have made three or four films already as an actor and it just sucks. Plus, there’s nothing I’m excited about more than playing the bad guy on camera. But that’s also the opposite of why I say good jobs are hard to get–you just might not be ready when you step in the door.

Is there a time when you want to direct more? If so, when do you want to do it?

I have a list of reasons why I might want to see this through. I could easily direct more. I may well do more, but I’m not going to. When I get to the point where I’d like to direct a feature film, I’m going to be a producer on that film. My other career choices would be working on video games. I love games, but I’d rather have people play those games and tell me what made them tick.

And yet, to ask why I don’t, you might have to ask why I don’t take myself too seriously.
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I used to be a movie theater actor but I had to pull the plug on that because it got boring, and then I started to do music videos, but that doesn’t do much because it’s a job where you can’t really do too many things. I have something I’ve been really working hard at for the last ten years–that’s being a good producer.

So you mean that you want to bring out the best in the director and the storyteller, and what’s even better is when you do that with someone else, you can show the same thing to the public and make a film that people will love.

We all know who we are in our everyday lives, and that’s very important, but can you tell us a little bit more about how you feel when you think back on your past?

I think a pretty normal thing when you grow up: you get into movies as

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