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Henderson: Absolutely. We have a really talented group of people working on this, and it’s going to be a very exciting project for us. We’re looking forward to making it. It’s exciting to see it coming together in a good manner.

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The first ever international science conference hosted on the Korean peninsula will begin on September 4 in Pyongyang, North Korea. It’s slated for six days of talks about science, technology, and policy to discuss a broad range of topics including research in climate science, astrophysics, and the scientific contributions towards North Korea’s development.

The conference would be held in an open forum where participants from both sides attend. There will also be a chance for researchers from North Korea to participate in scientific debates, in addition to a number of opportunities for international scientific collaboration, media access, and the like.

According to the conference organizers, the event would be “a major opportunity to expand the North Korean scientific community and the international scientific community.”

The conference would feature scientists from both the scientific and non-scientific community who would share their perspectives in a dialogue to promote a dialogue and agreement on issues related to North Korea’s scientific research. The conference also aims to explore the possibility of conducting scientific communication in the DPRK as it is currently lacking in both international and domestic media.

The organizers of the event, according to South Korean media, believe this conference would encourage Pyongyang to take scientific development more seriously and contribute to world science.

It appears North Korea hopes to showcase its advanced expertise in research and scientific discovery, by hosting the first international scientific conference on the Korean Peninsula. (Jongil Kim/AsiaNews/Getty Images)

A similar event took place in the same place in 2004 in Paris. The first international conference was held in 2008 in Seoul, after which the two conferences have met three times. In 2013, Pyongyang hosted the conference once again in Tokyo and in 2016, it was held in Beijing.

The first conference was called “Science: Confronting Pyongyang’s Disarmament Struggle,” and it was organized by the Center for Science and International Security for the National Research Foundation under the North Korea Research Institute for Science and Technology.

The Center for Science and International Security has also sponsored the conferences with other non-governmental organizations, like the Japanese Society for the

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