Is Filmmaker the same as director? – Diy Filmmaking Tips From Directors Cut

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The answer really is no. Filmmakers come from many fields, but the only field that we’re interested in is directing. The difference is that directors take in a script to a certain extent and when they’re done they have to bring the script to a close and a bunch of people can go in, discuss what it all means if you look at it from a cinematic point of view.

Filming an entire movie at once is very challenging and requires great discipline and attention to detail to produce the best result. So much of it is about the script and the story arc. We’ve been trying to find the best film-maker – if that means looking at other filmmakers – and then finding out exactly what he/she wants to do with those ideas to bring an ending to the movie. You don’t want to lose momentum from what you did in another director’s work.

Have you found directors have different tastes for different subject matter?

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No, not really. Directors really like films with a great, emotional story. They also like the characters. All of us are different in some way. The way in which we come into an environment that you’re working in is different.

So what you do is you sit down with the director, they tell you the story and you sit there and go, are our characters going to have fun? That’s how I do my job. If they’re not there then it’s not very exciting. But if they’re there it’s exciting because you’re going to find a story that is interesting to you. I guess a director can tell you some things and some other people can tell you a different story and that’s good. When we went to shoot on a big, epic film, it was great to be able to go in there and find something and understand why you were the person that would do such a wonderful job. What happened in the past, and what will you bring to this story?

And then come up with an ending.

That’s right – the story – and then you come up with the ending.

So what you do is you meet your director, and I said, ‘Here’s my story,’ and I start talking. And then we discuss it for two hours, and I tell him or her a bit of the story, and the first thing we do is we go over it by doing a test. And the director’s story is very different, they’ll change a little bit of what they’re doing because

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