Is a film degree useless? – Filmmaking Tutorial

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If you’re the person who’ll be filling the role of an actor onscreen, why would you want to do one?

A short answer: It has to be. The more formal and practical the role you want to play, the less time you’ll have to make it, the less money you’ll be able to earn and the more hours you’ll have to work. (The same holds true for film companies that want to hire new employees.)

This doesn’t mean you can’t do film courses or take online classes — they’re both equally valuable — but I highly recommend that you find a role that’s a good fit for you instead, and start learning the skills needed to get there.

As the saying goes, “The job you want doesn’t necessarily mean the job you’ll get.” A few tips:

Read up on the industry.

Know your industry.

Know what your next role will be.

Find out if this is going to be a career option for you, or just another gig you might have to do just because it’s offered to you.

There’s no question that film schools are great places to start, but they need to be part of the solution.

For instance, many actors learn by watching tutorials on YouTube. This may seem like a great way to learn, but there’s the danger that your current skills will be better than what’s on offer on these tutorials. If your goal is a career in the film industry, then finding out how to create a professional YouTube channel and applying your knowledge in a film industry doesn’t make sense. It also doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be successful, given the fact that every video will be short. This is especially true with a short-form role that demands creativity and improvisation.

It’s very important you take your knowledge to the next level and pursue more than just video tutorials. There’s so much information out there that’s not taught effectively, from new editing software and the like, to techniques to boost a scene and the like. As well as a career in film, if we want to create a sustainable career for everyone, then knowledge is power — and knowing how to use that knowledge is essential to getting anywhere.

I’ve worked on movies with some of the greatest directors and writers ever. I worked with them over and over again, and they’ve taught me everything from how to make documentaries to how to get the most out of editing software. For example, they told me

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