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Yes. And if you want to get really technical – as I used to – the one thing you find is really interesting is the difference in the way these films are shot. So, when you’re shooting a film like I shot, with close-ups and things like that, you really find that there’s a definite difference in the way the lens moves. So as long as you can get that difference in a real shot, that’s the kind of thing that you’re going to find from any type of film. [laughter]

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Why did you go on to make films like “The Death of Superman” and “Batman” when so many other directors had quit acting?

If I had to guess how the business felt when I was doing all of this, the idea of quitting acting is something I was not prepared for. And I never liked to quit on anybody. I knew that I had a certain amount of money I really wanted to earn. I mean, the whole notion of quitting seemed kind of strange. [laughter] But when you do the “death” of your career, you really do know that you’re getting your life back, and as I said earlier, that’s what this film’s about.

Was “Batman: Bad Blood” the biggest disappointment [in the franchise] and how would you compare it with Batman 2?

Oh my God, that’s tough question. There were, to be honest, probably three films that I really enjoyed doing that I would not do again for a hundred dollars and a couple of days worth of work. So I’m going to have to ask you to stop asking that question now to save your life. [laughter]

What is the best scene in “Batman: Bad Blood”?

Well, for me, it’s the moment when he comes in and takes the life of Damian (Miles Teller), right up until the end. Because it’s pretty much an epic moment in any action film. You know, it’s the one scene when you say, “I am Batman.” And the moment when you say, “I am Batman, Batman,” and then he comes in after with a very, very, very good performance. And it’s amazing. I mean, that’s really the best scene.

What were the hardest films you directed? What was the toughest scene?

Well for a long time. For quite some time, you know, that was the kind of thing that I kind of would never take

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