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The following table shows how much of each movie’s budget went to its “base” (i.e., production and visual effects) and its “additional” (i.e., all the other things the movie is doing that don’t necessarily show up in the box office figures). While it’s true that most of the extra cost is for other people’s labor, that’s only a small slice of the overall amount. Most of it is for distribution and marketing, which means much more spending is needed to boost a film’s visibility than it will make up for in ticket sales. The amount of money spent on the extras also means that the amount of money that a major studio can spend on its marketing/distributors will be far smaller. For each of the nine biggest independent films by gross revenues, the total budget they spent on all the extras was, on average, the same as the total budget made by the studio.

In his first post-injury press conference, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft announced that New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick would take over play-calling duties for the team for the upcoming game against the Houston Texans.

This comes after Belichick’s first press conference since Week 1 – and after a week where the Patriots were eliminated from playoff contention and facing a critical loss to the Dolphins in Week 2.

The Patriots announced shortly after Brady’s injury that Tom Brady would miss the remainder of the regular season due to ongoing injuries he suffered in the Patriots’ season-ending win over the New York Jets. While it’s unclear how much time Brady will miss, it appears that he’ll miss the AFC Championship game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, as well as the regular season finale against the Green Bay Packers. Belichick indicated that both of those games would be in Week 17 or 18.

Additionally, the injury of the New England Patriots second string quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo had also led to Brady not being able to perform at a high level this past weekend despite participating in practice at a high rate.

With Garoppolo out for at least the next 4-6 weeks, there doesn’t appear to be much time between now and the postseason. With the Patriots playing four games in 5 weeks, Brady will take over for Belichick on a high-profile Sunday in what’s expected to be a hotly contested game.

Here’s the press conference transcript for what happened in the Monday news conference with Kraft and Patriots owner Robert Kraft:


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