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How long does it take for the best scripts to get made?

The production process can take anywhere from three months to two years from script submission to the release date. If you’re a director, you can be the one who gives the orders to cast, rewrite, and edit – and the entire movie will start from scratch! It’s much easier to pitch and hire a team when you have a finished movie to begin with, but it’s worth it – and once it’s finally done, you’ll have a much better understanding of your budget and the importance of your vision to every aspect of your project. The first time anyone at the studio or your distributor hears about a script is often just before it’s given a green light – that’s your first opportunity to find out how much money there is to budget for. Once you start getting regular looks at your script, you’ll have a better understanding of how much the film will cost and how best to make sure your vision is being met while maintaining the budget for next year.

How do you choose a director? Why did you choose them?

When it comes to choosing a director, I tend to look at three distinct categories in my mind: the director’s style, his or her writing ability, and how the director fits within our studio system.

“Stylistically,” I see things that are clearly intended to please as a filmmaker, even if they are very different than what I want to produce. In my opinion there are only four things a director must embody in their performance: competence, charisma, craft, and imagination. As a director, you should have at least the one of those qualities in your film – I love using the one term with all of my friends – and then a few others too, because no one else on the team has the ability to convey those qualities to me.

For instance, when you have a film with some action, you don’t want to go in with a director who has just written a script using CGI or a green screen that looked like you filmed in real life. You want to tell that story with real people and real locations.
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A good example of a director with genuine talent is the filmmaker who wrote a screenplay in 1993 whose screenplay was not considered “real” to the point where his work did not receive serious reviews and was considered a flop (it wasn’t because the director was a flop). The film was directed by Bruce

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