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How do you run it? There’s a lot of that.”

Sanchez has to think for a moment then answer, “How do I use the internet today?”

I’ve used the internet a lot lately. “Oh.” I’ve also used some old school, old school technology like dialup, but I don’t use anything quite this old anymore and I don’t have an old school PC at this point. I don’t have even a computer nowadays and that’s another reason I don’t use it — I just haven’t decided yet. But yes I do use the internet very often. Some very old versions of the internet. Like at the time of the Internet was that very popular and it was a very old technology. But yes it was a very good experience.

Do you have any favorite things from the internet? Any programs you use?

You know I have a computer at home. And for a while I used to use a web browser and you know how you browse the web, there would be a little icon where it says “type text.” You click and it would send you the content of some pages and it was really neat because I loved that. You know with what I was doing and I’m not making an omelet right now — I’ve got one and you know I use it, you know it. There’s so many cool stuff done with it that I would use it but yeah it’s a great thing.

You know you can get things like that on some old versions of the internet. You can get some old software. Like, my favorite is Flash. Flash was — I got it once. The Flash website was a fun feature in our Web browser. The Flash website was just a great site to look at some stuff. And then Flash was like the big thing that kind of changed the way we viewed what the Web was going to become or what this new age could be as well. It’s not what happened, this was like, just before HTML. It was, I guess, this super revolutionary thing and they were trying to figure out how people should use the Web. They were trying to kind of put it in the hands of every parent at home. And the Flash was this browser that was sort of — it was like this giant and it wasn’t even Flash, it was an early version of Flash.

It was pretty groundbreaking so they put the Flash website on it I think it was called Flash 2 or something like that. It was so

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