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Well it’s very simple.

In this particular example I’m going to write a script called ‘Add 2’.

Write a new script called ‘Add 2’.

In the script ‘Add 2’ you’ll write the following lines:

Add 2 5

And then save the script like this.

Save script ‘Add 2’.

You’ve just created your very own script.

When you run this script, it will add 2 to a number called value, and return an Int value.

This is pretty simple (although somewhat basic) Scripting 101, but it does explain the logic of how this script works.

Note that I know about the Int type, but I’ll explain more about the Int type below.

Now lets look at how this script executes.

You can run the script in the context of your Int type.

And that’s it. This code will run your script in a small instance of Int called the Script instance.

But what about other ways of executing your script?

Well now that you’ve watched this video it will probably be obvious to you that the main method of a Script is:

(Arg1, arg2, arg3…) Now the logic of your Script is more or less hidden and hidden. But once you learn the basics, it’s very easy to see how it works and how it can be implemented. I hope that this video helps to clear your mind of how this code is executed.

Now here’s another important thing about scripting: You have to start at the very basics when you start writing a script.

When you write the code, you’re not just thinking about the code itself – you’re thinking about everything that happens with your Script.

But first, here’s what the first line (arg1) in Add 2 should do.

It should create a new instance of Int that has the value 5 and return that Value .

So our first line of Add 2 code could have been written as the following code, which is going to create a new instance of Int (a new Script instance), set its value to 5 and return it

This would be the line that contains the logic of how that new instance of Int is going to be used. It would be a good idea to start writing the next part of your script before you can really see the code yourself.

I think that this simple example of how script works shows

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