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So, I think my parents were really interested in my interest in filmmaking – the idea of being a director or being involved. I think they really connected with that. They were interested in me pursuing it, pursuing my passion and the idea that I have. My father was a journalist, so the idea of interviewing a lot and working together as media people, it was a really interesting way of working through what was obviously a pretty wild life story. It was a huge part of my upbringing and it kept me on track. It was a tremendous part of who I am and an enormous part of where I’m at, and I think that part’s also made me a really good storyteller. As much as I would prefer my father to be a reporter, he’s an excellent storyteller.

The second biggest influence that I guess is a really big part of how I’m doing my work right now, is to be a mother. I love to have my husband and kids around, and I’m just so thankful for being able to have that, and I think that helped me a lot when I got to this point. I wasn’t that much of a writer, I think.

You’ve said you’re looking at what your next big project is for 2018. Who do you think the top contenders are?

I know there’s a lot of people I want to work with. There’s this film called Moms That Kill and this woman that’s making this film: I’m really thrilled about that. She really did me to, kind of pulled me out of nowhere and turned me into this director she’s producing for, and now she’s looking at what I’m going to do. I’m so glad to have that.

It’s weird that the first project that anyone else’s seen of mine… I just had this dream last night of being able to go down to South by Southwest and meet with someone who directed something with me in it. I’m thinking about going to this huge festival, and then that’s so exciting. And then this thing is happening that really seems to be taking all my energy.

I mean, it’s a great way to be. This is not like someone is offering you a job and you’re like “Oh, yeah, that’s a good fit, I want to do that.” It just keeps you on your toes and on your toes!

So how is shooting for this new film? Do people actually have to come down here? Do the

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