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I learned to shoot film and TV with an old, vintage Kodak camera. I love to document my journey in film, and I love to document my journey in this world. I want to be able to show the world the beauty. That is my vision of photography and filmmaking.

Which of these experiences are most important for you now?

My family. My family is always there for me—they are not in business to support me, but they help me out. They believe in my vision, and that is what keeps my film alive and my passion alive. I can’t live without them.

I have only had two years of filmmaking experience, and that is why I take the chance, and I do not give up when things aren’t working out. I make films, and I keep going and making them. When all is said and done, I have been a very successful human being.

Thank you, Matthew!

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The UK has a proud record of exporting the most innovative and innovative inventions, as shown by the Innovation Census, taking place on 24 April 2016.

The latest report from the EU-funded Innovation Monitor (IM) has taken into account the output of more than 1.3 million scientific and design inventions from around the EU for the year 2014.

The UK is home to a huge number of international inventors making inventions as diverse as portable fluorescent bulbs, mobile phones, medical scanners and solar cells to new medical devices.

It is the best place in Europe to be a UK inventor, according to the IM, as the country has produced more than £5.5 billion worth of inventions between 2014 and 2015, making it one of the top inventors in the world.

It’s not only the UK inventors, it’s also the country’s international champions in terms of the number of patents it has granted. We are ranked third in the world in terms of innovation per resident, and last in relation to the number of patents issued, with just two in the top 10 of countries.

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The UK’s world ranking is based on the country’s level of innovation in seven specific areas:

Product design – we are third overall in proportion of the value of patented product design inventions registered in the country, with about 15.6% of the number – a proportion that is more than twice that

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