How do I start a filmmaking career? – Tv And Film Production Assistant Jobs Los Angeles

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I started filming in 2013. I got my first camera as a kid, my aunt and uncle bought one and I just took it home and shot everything. I also got my first real camera, which was the Kodak Tri-X and a few times I would walk home and I would shoot. I am pretty obsessed with film. It’s in my DNA.

There’s more film than people think – over 90 percent is actually negative. They think it’s all gray, not just in film, but also post-production and post-processing. In this day and age, it’s all about post-processing.
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As for what film film itself is, it’s very rare for me to shoot with a real camera. If you look at all of our films, the way that we present what we are doing is all on film, which means it gets the color correct, the exposure correct, the exposure curves correct, what it looks like without Photoshop, or even without post-processing.

So I try to shoot a film in my apartment just as an example of getting all the elements right, because there is no way you’re ever going to be able to do a film shoot on a computer.

I started with digital. I shot all of the films, and now I go to my first digital camera shoot, like my Canon 5D with an APS-C (small format) sensor.

There is a lot of technology going on in this day and age and so this is how I shoot. I just go back to doing it because it’s how I am, and I am not very good at Photoshop. So the camera is my tools, and the image that I try to make is more or less based on the camera, but there is still a lot of post-processing and getting color correct, as well as editing and all that kind of stuff.

I’ve been shooting films since 2000 and I have never had a bad film shoot, so I have a lot of experience and knowledge that I take to a new camera to help me get things right.

How long have you been trying to get into documentary filmmaking?

I guess it’s been three or four years. It’s been really important to me. But it was always on my mind because film is my medium and I’ve always loved the format. But I am an artist too. I do photography; I have a studio; I do fashion; I do other things like a gallery. I

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