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You need to know exactly what you want to do when you grow up. If you’re too young to remember when you were little (and how you were taught about these things) you will probably need to read more to find out more about what’s out there.

Your parents can be very helpful and helpful will only make your career even stronger. They will have a lot of ideas they want you to explore and be curious about.

Also, they can help you figure out if it is the right thing to keep pursuing or do something else. A lot of the most amazing things happen without money. Many people who have a great start in life end up making the biggest mistakes when they get tired of it. Many people try to make it big early in life only to lose all sense of perspective and experience.

So just starting your career will take time and patience, but also a little guidance. This advice comes straight from my grandfather’s story. He was a fisherman and he started as a fisherman and he was successful, but he did not keep on with his fishing ventures because it was time consuming and he wanted to keep moving on with his life. He saw the need to be working again and said, “I am so tired, I don’t need the extra money because I know I was successful. I need to have some direction.”

So I think if you don’t have a sense of direction because you have a desire to be successful, it is important to spend time finding that direction and then follow its path. That is how I got into filmmaking and that is how you will grow.

Are there any books or people that have helped you along the way?

I love the work of Bill Bryson. In his book The Power of Passion, he lays out a great formula he was able to build over 10 years into two very successful projects with my father. They came to my home at the beginning of my filmmaking career, so my father said that is kind of like the equivalent to a blueprint.

My father said, “Bill, I think I know what you’re doing.” So my father and I became closer. We were writing together, going down on the road and having huge parties. Our relationship really developed. The lessons in these works are still relevant to our life and our careers today.

So, these books really helped me tremendously. They changed the way I work and learn. They made my journey a lot easier which was super valuable.
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