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The answer is in the title. As a filmmaker yourself, which is very much something you’ve become a little bit of a part of and something that I’ve been very appreciative of, the marketing is much different than marketing as a filmmaker- it’s the marketing as a brand! I think if you look at the films that I’ve made as a brand, you can pretty accurately gauge what that is and that’s to sell you. And I actually think the main thing, that we’ve done is the same thing as making films- make films about what really we value in our life and in our communities that affect our well being, and that’s to say, our families.

So there’s nothing wrong with the marketing of movies, just the marketing of filmmaking. That’s the marketing of a brand in my opinion. I think if you look at my films I don’t want to sell you movies, I just want to make films about life, about the relationships that I see in my community- and I want people to be invested in it. I don’t want anyone to go home from a film thinking, wow what a great film!

I did a short film where I had my mom walk through my room with a camera and I said this is my room, and that’s how I want to live, like that’s how I want to do things in the future as a filmmaker? The thing I find fascinating about that is I look at a whole generation of millennials, they see this, this is the future. What is the first thing that people see when they look at you and the first thing people notice of you? The first thing that’s ever going to go in your face and say hello?
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How will that change your life?

I think, especially in this current environment with so much information that’s coming in about what it takes to be successful, I think that has really exposed to us the need and the desire to create our own path. Because it really means that if we’re going to do a film, or a podcast, or a business or anything we’ve got to look towards what’s going on in those people’s lives. And in terms of what it is that we value in our lives, it’s always important to me to know that because that’s the reason to make films.

Is this an issue you’ve looked at or faced yourself, that there’s this expectation on the part of the mainstream to “make a movie, have it be a movie”?

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