How do I get film clients? – Filmmaking Definition

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The easiest way to get clients is just to come on to my facebook page to connect with me. If I haven’t already had your name written off, I would be more than happy to see it. For more information, feel free to click here.
Back to filmmaking basics | No budget = no problems ...

I have a website for my film company. Should I put it up?

Yes. I make a living from selling videos, and you could see some serious money in that. Even if you don’t make any money selling videos, there is no better way to keep yourself afloat and develop your skills.

How about my videos?

They don’t all make money. Some make just a few dollars. It doesn’t take much to get started making videos. Here are the steps you will need to take to become a successful videographer:

1. Get some film equipment. You can go to any home cinema, big/small. You don’t need expensive gear. You will have a good budget.

2. Get comfortable making the first hour of a video and shoot a few of your shots.

3. Record the footage and learn the basics of the camera. Make adjustments to the footage (focus, shutter speed, white balance, shutter). Then go and learn the skills.

4. Try and get access to some footage from a professional that you could use to get more footage, or take a look at the existing footage.

5. Then learn how other film studios shoot films and get some footage yourself.

6. Make sure you have your gear (lens, flash, etc) ready. Have them ready with you at all times.

7. Now you need to get the money together for the purchase. Many aspiring filmmakers do not have enough of the basics to buy gear. If all in all you already know what you need it will be just a matter of time. You will see how things can be done with the basics you already have laid in place.

8. Now you are ready to take the next step. Get yourself a camera rig and get ready to shoot some footage yourself.

9. Learn how to use your camera with the best you can. Know how to use different lenses. Understand how your camera functions. Get ready to film the footage of your film.

10. Make sure it looks like your film, learn to shoot in a variety of lights and environments. Get familiar with editing. You need to take care of every part of editing

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