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I can offer my services as a film editor, with a specific focus on short films. I have also worked in a number of other areas since my days at university in London: cinematography on British TV programs and film festivals and also creating a small independent film called The Last Time. My goal is to take the next step and produce professional films, as a cinematographer, editor and producer.

Can I become a film editor?

Yes! If you have a passion for film production then you should have a soft spot in your heart for film editing. To be a good filmmaker you need to work on your own stories, using your camera. Most of the time though, a good editor is a film composer and has the artistic ability to create music in the final scene that you find interesting, compelling and compellingly cinematic.

Is there a minimum qualification?

Yes, it’s absolutely mandatory to achieve a BFA in film editing and you need to have experience with a computer or television editing system. I am happy to write the application.

Do I apply for the BA or the MA?

You apply to my programme, which will be based at Edinburgh University. If your passion is directing and you have excellent computer skills then you will be invited to take part in an intensive programme which includes film workshops which you will need to enrol into. However, if you are serious about cinema then you will likely be taking part in the first year of my programme.

I have completed a degree and want to apply to a different programme.

You should check if you are suitable to apply to the programme, that information was available on the online application form at the time of applying. If you can’t find the answer there then it may be a good idea to email them to ask what is happening next, a BSc in Film Editing may be an excellent option as it includes an emphasis on editing and production technology. However, it may be more challenging as a BA in Film Editing, as it will require more study and experience.

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Do I need to be British?

Yes, I believe UK students are more eligible to apply than other countries. My own academic background is in Theatre (with a focus on Short Plays), but I have an interest in both Film and Television so I am happy to write the application if you have experience in both.

What if I can’t afford the fees?

Even if you can afford to pay you still face the possibility of not

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