How do animators use math? – Filmmaking Techniques Tone Worksheets For Middle School

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“When you’re making a move for animated characters that moves like a person’s, it’s very easy to get out the mathematical equation,” explains Michael Orenko, an animator at Cartoon Network and an expert on math and computer animation. “Because for the human body it’s easy to calculate the distance, but if you’re animating something like ‘Buck the Hoose’ you’re gonna need to figure out how fast the hoose is moving around. So that equation is actually pretty helpful to you.

“So, animators need to always be looking at numbers. I mean the more they want to manipulate the camera, the more they will want to know about math. I will say from what I’ve learned over the years, I’ve actually found that the average director has a fairly low IQ, so they’re going to tend to use it and the directors that have much higher IQs are often more comfortable manipulating the camera. They’re the ones that will try to use the math themselves in their work. The people that really excel at math, they’re the ones with really high IQs.”

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The Disney Springs restaurant section is getting a lot of heat recently with rumors that the next dining option at Disney Springs is not a quick service restaurant, rather a food court which will feature fast food items and a full service restaurant, respectively.

I really wish these rumors were true, but Disney has been making these claims of a potential fast-food restaurant option for at least six years. This news should come as no surprise, as Disney spent $1.1B on the construction of the new Disney Springs Marketplace, the first new theme park attraction outside of Disneyland, almost a decade ago.


However, on June 16, 2017 the theme park opened for business to guests. That’s six short years, so if this was a slow start for Disney’s restaurant section, then I am glad they didn’t pull the plug. Instead of being just another fast food restaurant, the future of the restaurant section looks to consist of dining at Disney’s restaurants, including several popular restaurants that have not been popular with guests, such as “Lincoln’s Inn”, “Cinderella’s Royal Table” and “Dine-In Only”, to name a few.

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These new, faster food options

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