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T he last time that I saw a video of “The Muppets,” they were starring on the cover of Adult Swim’s animated series “Muppets Take Flight” with the caption, “For the first time in our history…” I can’t even begin to imagine what my feelings were when I received that letter from MTV President Nick Gradstein – something that a video game critic might consider a “museum piece” and one that most of the gaming world is probably not familiar with, let alone one that was actually produced by a studio that was once a part of the Walt Disney Company in Los Angeles.
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Although the Muppets may not have been the first video game series to feature the likenesses of a living cartoon characters in their narrative and graphics, the cartoon series did inspire some of the most famous games on the NES before the NES became the home gaming machine that it remains to this day. These games included the popular “Tron: Legacy,” the groundbreaking “Super Metroid,” “Star Wars: Battle Front” and many others.

However, the Muppets games and the Star Wars games had many differences from their games from the 1980s and 1990s. These differences are evident from an interactive documentary titled “Muppets Take Flight” produced by MTV that ran on their cable network from 2002-2003 titled “My Muppet’s Secret Adventure.” The following information was written about its contents by “The Muppets Movie” actor Mark Hamill for IGN Entertainment:

“Muppet movies usually don’t have the same “feel” as those of Star Wars (despite how much they overlap in scope and scope). But this Muppets adventure was still fun enough that I have to give it the thumbs up, just from seeing the trailer,” Hamill said. “Muppet Adventure 3 was kind of different, but still fun enough to keep going. You could see how much I enjoyed “My Muppet’s Secret Adventure 2″ because I was able to see and experience the Muppets from different perspectives. The differences were the humor, the animation, the game design, the character personalities. The Muppets movie was like a Muppet movie on the NES. I thought the Muppets could really connect with the kids this time, in that kids didn’t just like the Muppets, they became fans of the Muppets” Hamill added.

Since their “My Muppet’s Secret Adventure” run, the Muppets have returned in an effort to capture the

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