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You certainly may not. But you’ll want to get the technical skills. You can check out a website to learn some film processing. The website is called ‘The Film Lab.’ You find films online. You get a free trial so you can see what film you like, what it can do, how to set it up.

What if I don’t like films?

They are all good but you want to see one that you will enjoy. If you are like my son, you will probably find that some have a higher quality like an 8mm film.

For a lot of people the best way to learn is to go into an art gallery and see what art is. You can also have an art lesson there. You can work with a colorist. And you also can take a class at home and learn how do a color grading project.

What do I do when I do find an art work I like?

This will be different for everyone. So many times your local art gallery will have something different you want to see. In a class with the art conservators one will show you something that makes you uncomfortable.

In a class where the class leader wants to show you a specific art, you don’t want to look and stare all the time. You want to move around a lot or work on some assignments. And if in class they need to have a presentation of a specific piece, you can always watch as a camera or two shoots pictures or video clips from that piece.

If you take the time to learn about films it is much more efficient for you and for others to work on a project in your studio where you can see and learn from all the different film techniques.

What is an example of a project that will pay off?

Your studio projects are an example that will pay off. As I mentioned earlier. If you go to an art gallery. You are going to be able to use film as an art work, a subject matter matter where they don’t have to worry about selling it as painting.

The artist or curators will be more open to selling it in your studio. So why not make some quick bucks? It isn’t like a painting where they are trying to sell you a painting that people think is wonderful art. It is a piece of art where you see the work and you are just like, “Wow! I love the piece. It really shows me where my work goes!”

For example,

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