Do I need a degree to be a filmmaker? – Best Canon Cameras For Filmmaking Tips And Advice

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We all have the right to an education, or the right to stay in school to obtain a degree. If you believe that education will make you a better human being, we’d recommend that you obtain a master’s degree. If you can afford it, go down that path.

It’s okay if you don’t get a degree in a field but you want another form of communication. You want to be a freelance writer, but you don’t believe that’s a field you can succeed at.

If I don’t have a degree but I do want to have another form of communication that isn’t traditional, should I just focus on online marketing or social media?

This question is often asked by creative types, but there’s no hard and fast answer.

For those who are able to find success by creating their own brand online, there’s little need to look outside of traditional channels. With the online marketing and web advertising trends changing and innovating at an incredible pace, it makes sense for those who want to stay current with developments. If you want to continue to connect and create content while staying competitive online, you can’t go wrong by embracing a variety of channels to ensure that you have the right audience to connect with.

AUSTIN — A Democratic political strategist from Austin whose client lists includes Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Cory Gardner and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, has been indicted on multiple misdemeanor charges for illegally engaging in a scheme to fix prices for prescription drugs.

Tim McInnis was indicted on charges of conspiracy, false statement and other violations for allegedly falsely billing his company, Dr. Drew’s Group, for more than $11.3 million in Medicare Part D prescription drug reimbursements from July 2011 through July 2013, according to a court filing.

In a statement Wednesday, McInnis said the charges are “sad and shocking” and “an indictment of the people who deserve the least from the government. My clients were innocent victims of a scheme of government fraud, and I sincerely wish them well in the months ahead.”

The indictments against McInnis, 51, do not identify the defendants. In February, McInnis signed on to work for Patrick’s Senate campaign.

McInnis has worked in the healthcare industry in the past. He worked at the Abbott Laboratories for nine years and was responsible for the company’s strategy for its acquisition of the American Life Sciences Institute from Biogen in 2007.

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