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Not only can you, but can you be a film director and/or a film editor and/or an artist?

Yes, with a few exceptions.

First, yes, you do want to be an artist and/or a filmmaker, but you can’t be both at the same time. Art and/or film are two fundamentally different endeavors. So why bother? Because the film industry, and especially the film industry currently run by and by the film school system, is a dying breed.

I’m not saying films are not important – they are, but a film school can produce a great filmmaker, like John Milius. But the degree is not enough – the teacher, the editor, the artist need to take the film to the next level. And those who have already started that journey and achieved the first level cannot make their way into the new era of film school.

I would submit that, to be a good filmmaker or artist, you must be ready to create your own film in your own hands. A film has to be your own creation, not the result of a film school. An artist needs their own tools of creation. A filmmaker needs to be able to produce their own films in the studios.
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In short, an artist and a filmmaker must learn to see each others work and their own talents.

To be professional is to be able to see all aspects of your craft from multiple viewpoints. It is to recognize the strengths of your strengths as well as be aware of your weaknesses and limitations. To see how your own work is as rich, vibrant, or ugly as the rest of the collective effort. It is to not be afraid of your weaknesses and embrace them.

And, to realize that your greatest strengths are your greatest weaknesses.

I wish I knew your journey, and that you had the freedom to come find me at The Creative Journey. What I can tell you, is that while you won’t become the next John Milius, like John or Jim, the things you do will help shape the future of your work forever.

There are a few tips for aspiring filmmakers and artists. For the most part, you’ll be making it yourself, rather than relying on a filmmaker’s or artist’s support to make that work happen.

I will say this: The first time you create a film or make the first draft of it, it will feel incredible. It will feel like going into work the first thing in the morning. It

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