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Sure, if you have a lot of extra time when you are writing, shooting and editing. Even though film is a more demanding medium, a degree in film studies is often very useful as it helps you to differentiate your ideas from others and you can build your experience in the art form.

3. How long did it take to write and direct the film?

Well, it took me about two years to develop the script and come up with the premise. We finished the film in May 2011 in Singapore. That took me about two years to complete. I was in the middle of the production team for the first half of the process and worked with the director, David M. Goyer and the visual effects team.

4. What were some inspirations for the film?

The idea of a man who travels across time and space with an alien who knows all the secrets, lies and secrets from his past were very inspirations. Also, the idea of the alien who gives a ‘time travelling’ gift was not that much different from that we do in science fiction films. Another inspiration is the classic sci-fi classic, “The Time Machine”. I really did feel like the director wanted to tell a story that would push the concept of the future.

5. What was the most difficult part of filmmaking the first time.

The hardest part for me was developing and planning for the location. Once I came to know where everything was I started to realize how much time I would have to spend on location as we had an amazing location in Singapore called “Shrine Row”. There were around 300 people lined up for the filming and we had to work hard to get everyone back to their desks.

6. It was definitely a challenging time.

We knew that the script and our first reel of footage showed our team was on to something special. The whole team was having a lot of fun and laughing throughout the filming although the crew felt the stress was pretty high. We were making the film in one evening so you would think it would be easier. I was really proud with the finished film but it was a lot of work to get the script.

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