Can short films make money? – Diy Tips For Building A Deck And Pergola Paint

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Let’s see…

1. Let’s have some fun.

In the end it’s the viewers’ enjoyment that drives both revenue as well as advertising revenue.

Let’s find a short that has people in it, then let’s make it for people to enjoy:

2. Let’s play with a unique idea.

If you think about it: what if there was a movie with all the stars of their generation? What if that movie went up as a short to promote the film?

This idea is what is creating a revenue stream.

That is why you will want to find the perfect idea that is compelling as hell. It might not be great, but your customer will enjoy seeing it.

For example:

You would want to think of a movie that features all of that iconic talent from a generation that is still relevant: actors like Michael Douglas, Kevin Bacon, Johnny Depp, Ben Affleck, Martin Sheen, and Paul Walker.

They might also be stars from a different generation: like Michael Caine, Gene Hackman, and Bill Paxton.

Think of every possible angle.


Because this is what you want to do to drive revenue. And the reason to think the concept: what if there is this idea out there that all of these stars from their generation were in it?

What if it has a unique angle? The answer: You guessed it.

Think the idea again. Think of it again.

This is what I want to find: the idea that all of those stars got in it and are having fun?

3. Let’s go out of your way to find the right story.

All of us have a story in our brains. We see things in our lives that make us feel things. We want to write those stories. And so we are not easily discouraged from working on marketing. In fact, it’s one of the things that drives so many entrepreneurs to become entrepreneurs.

That story will need to be unique. Your audience is watching and you need to make it easy for them.

For example…

You see the movie, and you are like: I need a great director. And then he says something really stupid, and then he dies. But then he starts thinking. So now I don’t care whether your story is going to be funny or not. It needs to be really interesting.

The best short films

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