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There is always an ongoing debate between the two of us on this, for many reasons.

On one hand, this is a really good way to keep a project going. On the other hand, this kind of project can be incredibly daunting, sometimes requiring a great deal of time and effort – and of course, there’s also a chance that you’ll run into creative block.

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As a director, you don’t want to run out of ideas too quickly, because we can’t tell you what the project will become until it’s completed.

So as a director, you need to give your creative team time to decide things. In the past, the way to give these team members a little time to build in a plan was to give them an outline of what they’d been asked to do, then set it aside. With this approach, the director knows what tasks they should be doing in all their roles.

With each director working together to craft a vision for the film, there tends to be a clear sense of what they’re all working on. It becomes a very structured, structured process, where everyone knows exactly what’s going to be happening.

On the other side, this also creates problems that aren’t unique to being a director – you need to constantly be thinking about the business side of your business.

Is there any way a project could run over budget?

There are lots of reasons why this might be the case: your producer and casting director might not be able to meet your budget; there might be something wrong with the project; you’ve got a long time needed to get it made; or it’s simply that your film is a great hit and you’ve got a lot of other good projects that you want to put out.

But none of these reasons are valid, by any stretch of the imagination. You can’t just stop there.

A good way to mitigate a potential shortfall is to try to work out what you can do with the remaining budget in terms of additional footage or extra special effects.

If you do have additional budget in the bag, it can be a very good idea to figure out which projects would be the right fit for that budget. Maybe you don’t want to turn your full attention to a big budget blockbuster like The Hunger Games or Transformers: Dark of the Moon, but if you do, it can really help to focus the rest of your time on developing something smaller.

We have a few big-budget series

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